Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bella Roma Wedding!

The beauty of this job is that every wedding and every couple are different so irrespective of how many times I photograph weddings in Rome it's still exciting to revisit locations like the Spanish steps and the Colosseum.
   And what a genuinely lovely couple these two were, fun to work with and they really made the most of their wedding day in Rome.

We started the afternoon at the beautiful Palazzo Manfredi Hotel overlooking the Colosseum. As you can see from the picture below the roof terrace offers an incredible view of the Colosseum as a backdrop. 

The ceremony itself was at the Caracalla Wedding Hall right next to the Roman Forum, formally an old church within the ruins of the baths of Caracalla.

It's the perfect location in central Rome for a civil ceremony.

The hall itself is beautiful inside as you take your vows under the beamed ceilings.

Once the vows are completed and the rings are exchanged then it's time to get out into Rome!

We were a small party of twelve so we all headed off together to the Spanish steps where the bride and groom got to mingle with the tourists as we took a selection of shots.

The Roman crowd always love a bride and our couple were greeted with claps, cheers and congratulations as we worked our way around the steps.

And it's these moments between the posed pictures that I love when you can just catch the enjoyment of the day on everyone's faces.

And even though it's a bit of a scrum at the steps you can still always find an angle where the bride and groom have place all to themselves.

Once we were finished we headed off to the Colosseum. With plenty of opportunies in between to catch some more spontaneous pictures.

Above is one of my favorites, it seemed to capture a whole range of expressions from the wedding party!

And you can't beat the combination of a veil and 'Dior' sunglasses on a bride!

Happy smiles all around as we arrive at the Colosseum before the wedding party get to enjoy the hospitality of the Palazzo Manfredi for the evening.

As iconic backdrops go you can't beat the Colosseum, whichever angle you photograph it from!

And the picture below sums up the day for me, a group of happy faces stepping out in front of the Colosseum! 

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