Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Tuscan Villa Wedding in Fiesole.

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The location for this wedding was quite stunning. Just north of Florence in the hills of Fiesole this villa had it all, beautiful rooms, perfectly kept gardens and the most incredible views.

We started inside with the bride and groom preparations. A late afternoon wedding meant that we had plenty of time to capture this.

The layout of this expansive villa meant that the groom could get ready with his wedding party well away from the bride.

Whilst outside the finishing touches were being added to the gardens.

It was one of the hottest weekends of the summer so far but fortunately the part of the gardens set aside for the ceremony were in the cooler shade.

By 4pm the guests were now all arriving and being greeted by the groom.

Inside it was time for the bride to make her last preparations. 

The contrast between the dark insides of the villa and the strong sunlight coming through the windows can be challenging as a photographer but it can also help to add some depth to the photographs.

Now it was time to go!

The guests were now ready and the groom and best man waited expectantly for the arrival of the bride.

The gardens made for the most beautiful and romantic setting as the bride arrived.

Surrounded by the greenary of the Tuscan countryside the couple made their wedding vows

and exchanged rings.

After the ceremony it was time for a toast and a first chance for the bride to meet her guests.

As the guests had a well earned cool drink we took a walk around the villa to take some shots of the bride and groom.

Even late in the afternoon it was still hot so we took any opportunity to photograph under some shade.

It was a also a great chance for the bride and groom to spend a little time together.

A walk into the surrounding fields managed to get us a lovely view of the villa and all its surroundings.

A swim was out today but the pool still made for a nice backdrop some of the pictures.

And once the sun dropped a little lower in the sky it meant we could get some shots in the opposite direction.

The time was approaching for the wedding breakfast and the speeches.

The wedding planners and caters had done a fantastic job of setting the table for the evening.

Once the guests were seated it was time again for the wedding party to make an entrance.

And a chance for the bride and groom to have a little moment together.

The speeches always make for a good opportunity to photograph the guests as they enjoy the moment.

By now the sun was close to setting but the light remained perfect for catching some beautiful photographs.

The best man made his toast and then it was time for the wedding breakfast.

And what a perfect setting under the trees on the north side of the villa.

By now it was almost dark which meant we could get a whole new look to the photographs.

And how about this for a personal touch, even though they were many miles from England they still managed to bring out a traditional wedding cake made by the grandmother!

The meal was exquisite and complemented by wine produced just a few miles down the road.

While the guests finished their meal it gave us a chance to take a few photographs inside the villa.

Each room and every angle made for a great photograph.

Finishing with  a nice shot with the bride's parents.

My time was pretty much done but as you can see the wedding was all set to carry on into the night!

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