Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedding Photography in Tuscany, Tuscan Wedding in Cortona Pt2

This is the second part of the Tuscan wedding in Cortona that I covered this September.

After the ceremony we made our way to the bottom of the steps to await the bride and groom. Having everyone in one place turned out to be a good chance to get a nice informal group picture.

And whilst the guests made their way back to the villa we took a few moments to wander the little medieval streets of Cortona and get some shots of the couple on their own.

We'd taken some time previously to find some quiet little spots away from the crowds so that we could take this photographs nice and quickly so that the couple could get back to their guests as soon as possible.

And although our couple were keen to get back to the villa, by stopping and having this short photo session it gave them a nice natural break in the day to take it all in.

Cortona is a typical Tuscan hilltop town and of course that means lots of steps, great for photographs but hard work in a wedding dress!

But it's worth the hike to get to this lovely spot where the light was falling through the trees just perfectly for these photographs.

On our way back down we stopped off in these arches just to get a different perspective.

And in less than 15 minutes we've managed to find lots of different angles and backdrops to make for some memorable photographs.

After that we headed back to the villa where our couple could enjoy the rest of their day.

The gardens had been beautifully laid out and the villa had done a fantastic job of setting the scene perfectly.

September in Tuscany makes for some glorious weather and the afternoon was fantastic for sitting around by the pool and spending some time together.

I don't usually put group photographs into these blogs but since this is the only one I've taken with the bride dipping her toes in the pool I thought it was worth including!

And after the wedding breakfast the speeches rounded the day off.

And since the groom had two best men he had put up with twice as much teasing!

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