Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Photography in Tuscany, Tuscan wedding in Cortona Pt1

September in Tuscany makes for the perfect climate for weddings and along with May one of the busyiest times for me.

This wedding was set in one of my favorite towns in Tuscany, Cortona. It's a perfectly preserved hill top town in southern Tuscany close to Umbria. And the comune building in the centre of the town is an idylic setting for a wedding service.

Whlist the bride was preparing at the villa I was photographing the groom and his guests as they had a few drinks and a toast at a bar in the main piazza.

The two best men and the groom took the chance to get a few photographs together before most of the guests arrived.

As the ceremony time approached the wedding party made their way to the town hall where we awaited the bridal party.

Always a good chance to get a shot or two of the groom as he nervously waits for his bride.

The Sala dei Consiglieri, where the wedding is held, has been the seat of the assembly of the town's government for over 400 years.

And here's the bride as she waits at the bottom of the steps to make her entrance into the room.

And now the bride and groom are together the service begins. 

It was a lovely relaxed and personal service and was actually translated by the grooms cousin.

The bride looked stunning and relaxed as the rings were exchanged.

Sealed with a kiss, the formalities were completed and then it was time for a glass of Prosecco.

Our couple had plenty of time afterwards to enjoy the setting of the venue before going off around Cortona to get some shots of them together.

In part 2 we can see the rest of the day around Cortona and back at the villa.

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