Friday, June 1, 2012

Beautiful Bellagio Wedding - Preparations at the Metropole.

Bellagio and Varenna were the back drop for this beautiful wedding and the day had been planned to really maximise these unique locations. I'm going to cover this wedding in several blogs since each part of the day had it's own unique feel.

Both the bride and groom prepared themselves on the morning of the wedding in the Hotel Metropole. The hotel is right in the centre of the village and is the only hotel that is right on the lake side. Bride and groom were very careful not to meet in the corridors of the hotel as they both got ready and as I ran in between!

The couple had been in Bellagio for several days beforehand and were really great company. I joined them on a couple of occasions which really helped on the day as it meant that they, are their guests, had all met me and were comfortable having their photograph taken by me. It really helps to get pictures like the one below as it means everyone soon switches off to me being there and I can capture these lovely candid moments.

For the girls, there was a little treat after breakfast!

 And since the boys had to be ready earlier to get the boat to Varenna I stayed with the girls while they continued to prepare.

Personally I love these preparation shots, there's so much activity and everyone has that sense of excitement that the day has finally arrived.

 And of course children are never self conscious of the camera so they are always great for a candid shot.

By this time the men we ready and enjoying a few minutes in the sun before their chartered boat arrived to take them across the lake to their wedding venue.

The groom was relaxed though and everyone was ready for a really special day .

As a wedding photographer it's always nice to get a photograph that's a bit different, and I think this must be the first shot I've got of a groom with a suitcase! It was time to board the boat, complete with a suitcase full of essentials for Varenna (like sensible shoes for the ladies!)

The day itself had been planned by Alexis Walker, wedding consultant and planner.

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