Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beautiful Bellagio Wedding - Ceremony in Varenna

What a way to arrive at your wedding ceremony!

Leaving Bellagio the wedding party headed across the lake to the beautiful village of Varenna where the wedding service was to be held. The bride's party followed on a few minutes later, and what a way to arrive! The skies were blue and the lake was as still as a pond as the bride's boat cut across the lake to Varenna.

Once safely on land the party then had to make their way though the little cobbled back streets of Varenna to reach the Villa Cipressi.

It's a great moment to capture as we all headed along to the venue.

And now we were almost there you can see the excitement and anticipation on everyone's faces.

The ceremony was set in the grounds of the villa, the setting was perfect. And before the bride got to walk down the steps to meet the groom she had a moment to take it all in.

Always one of my favorite moments of the wedding ceremony is the arrival of the bride, not just to see her expression but also that of the groom who's been waiting patiently for his bride to arrive.

And after a morning of avoiding each other finally the couple are back together to be married.

The service itself was a very intimate and beautiful moment. You could see what it meant to the couple and the setting just added a little bit of extra magic.

The weather turned out to be just perfect, blue skies, a little cloud to break it up for the pictures and lots of sun! A wedding photographer's dream!

And now you can see the incredible view that the wedding party had as a backdrop to the service.

But as beautiful as the setting was, it was all about the wedding.

And sealed with a kiss!

Once the rings were exchanged all that was left to do was to sign the register.

And to enjoy the view for a little longer.

After the ceremony, drinks and canapes were served in the garden of the villa.

Under the shade of the olive vines the wedding party enjoyed a beautiful array of canapes and had a well earned drink!

Wherever you are in the grounds of the Villa there is always an outstanding view to be seen.

And after they'd finished eating we took a walk through the gardens to photograph a couple of the outstanding views.

It's always nice to get a few shots of the couple on their own and it also gives them a few minutes together to take it all in.

And share a joke together!

It always pays to keep watching all around you as there's always something that can make a great picture when you're least expecting it!

In the final part of this blog I'll cover the rest of the day back in Bellagio.

This wedding was planned by Alexis Walker, wedding consultant.

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