Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beautiful Bellagio Wedding - Wedding breakfast at La Punta

This is the final blog on this beautiful Bellagio wedding, starting from our arrival back in Bellagio following the service in Varenna.

We all traveled back together on a chartered boat to Bellagio which gave the couple a chance to walk along the main street to an ovation of congratulations from passer's by.

It was a lovely relaxed day and what better way to spend the afternoon than on the waterfront terrace of the Metropole Hotel and having a few drinks.

Soon it was time to head off for a walk along the lake side to the restaurant for the wedding breakfast.

And other chance for our group to be the main attraction in Bellagio for a few minutes!

No one catches the eye in Italy like a bride on her wedding day and I loved catching these moments as our wedding party were applauded along by locals and visitors.

La Punta has a unique location in Bellagio, at the point of Bellagio where the lake splits in two is this lovely restaurant that was once just a little fisherman's trattoria. It still maintains all that charm and makes for the perfect location for an authentic Italian wedding breakfast.

Down at the lake shore we had a perfect spot for a little confetti before we got a few shots of our couple on their own again.

The day had clouded over a little now but the scenery was still just as dramatic.

And still plenty of snow on the alps!

As the afternoon came to a close we sat down for an exquiste meal followed by some heart felt speeches.

Everyone had a fantastic day and my work was nearly done, but for them there was the chance to spend one more night enjoying the nightlife of Bellagio.

The couple and their guests had made my day incredibly easy with their generosity and kind spirit. And their relaxed and happy manner made for some of my favorite wedding pictures.

As jobs go, 'Italy Wedding Photographer' is up there with the best. Stunning locations, a fantastic country and people, and with clients like this, a day's work is an absolute pleasure! 

This wedding was planned by Alexis Walker, wedding coordinator. 

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