Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Wedding on the shores of Lake Como.

As a wedding photographer in Italy the thing I love the most is the variety. From lake Como to Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples or the Amalfi Coast, not many countries can boast such unique locations. Lake Como is a great challenge, the ever changing light and the ever changing weather make it a place where you need one eye on your bridal couple and one eye on the sky!

This wedding was typical of such a day. Thick clouds at times, huge downpours and crashing storms but also some bright sun and and dry evening.

Forntuatly my couple on the day were perfect for such weather. Brave enough to pose on the back of the boat in the rain and adaptable enough to tinker with the day plan so we could still get lots of great shots outside, especially in the grounds of the beautiful Villa Lucia in Cadenabbia.

As the final preparations were made the rain held of and the couple got to the church without having to run for cover.

The service itself was an intimate and moving moment for the couple in the striking Church of the Ascension right on the lake shore.

Although the weather had turned decidedly stormy at this point the church interior still sparkled. And even the huge claps of thunder didn't put the couple off their wedding vows!

And as the rain continued to pour down the marriage was sealed with a kiss!

With a little bit of tinkering with the photography schedule we managed to get out and onto the lake as soon as the rain stopped and headed off for a tour of the lake.

Once back on dry land we headed back to Villa Lucia where the couple and guests enjoyed a fabulous evening of food and wine.

And right in the last light of the day the rain just managed to hold of enough to get a few more shots outside!

The wedding was designed and planned by Alexis Walker.

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