Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Wedding in Rome

I love weddings in Rome, and I really loved this one as it had all the elements to make for an unforgettable day.

The preparations began just after midday on what was one of the hottest days of the year so far. One of the big differences working as a wedding photographer in Italy rather than the UK is that the climate is a significant factor in how you work here. 

The way the day came together was perfect for me as I got to spend plenty of time with the bride while she prepared before we all headed into Central Rome together for the wedding.

The preparations are always one of my favorite parts of the day as you get a real sense of anticipation building before the ceremony.

 Arriving early at the Church of Santa Susanna also meant I had plenty of time to get some shots of the groom and the church before the service started.

I've covered the church in another blog but I've still included a few shots here of the interior since it's such a beautiful and historic building.

The service was conducted in English by Father Greg and I had plenty of freedom to move around the church to get a variety of angles to really show off the magnitude of the building.

And even though it's a large and impressive church it still manages to create an intimate atmosphere for a wedding.

After the ceremony it was a whistle stop tour of a couple of Rome's iconic sites. The first being the Pantheon.

It's always a pleasure to accompany brides and grooms around Rome like this just to experience the ovations and good wishes they receive.

On a Saturday afternoon in the summer these places are very busy but we normally manage to find an angle where there isn't so much of a crowd.

These little walkabouts are also a good chance to get some off beat pictures.

After the Pantheon we did a final stop off at the Colosseum.

And from here we took a drive out of Rome to the beautiful Frascati for the reception.

The reception was held at the Villa Tuscolana, a place with deep historical connections to Rome. The Villa is actually built on the site of the ruins of the ancient house of Cicero.

Clearly Cicero chose the site because it commands the most outstanding views and with the reception held on the top floor of the villa the guests were treated to a stunning vista.

The day was completed by some touching and emotional speeches followed by the traditional first dances. For more information on booking 

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