Thursday, October 6, 2011

When In Rome!

 More and more my engagement and wedding assignments are taking me into the Eternal City, Rome. 
And it's not only a fantastic opportunity to photograph couples in the beautiful surroundings of Rome but also to have some time myself to explore new places.

However last week I had one of those days where I typically drifted around the back streets of Rome looking for a little inspiration but not quite finding it when I reached the Tiber and it struck me that it'd been a long time since I'd been to St. Peters.

For such a busy place it is still very easy to absorb yourself into the unique and tranquil atmosphere within. But from a photography aspect it can be surprisingly difficult to get some great shots.

Especially to get those shots that are unique to all the other millions of pictures taken in this incredible place. To avoid the shots being cluttered with tourists I set myself the little challenge of photographing just the ceiling and seeing what interesting angles and light I could find.

These little challenges are great at changing your perspective and really help you 'see' so much more when you visit a place like this. I saw so many little details that I'd never noticed before.

Try it yourself next time you are in a very recognisable place and see if you can find a unique angle and perspective.

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