Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stormy Proposal in Rome!

With the blazing hot summer we've had this year in Italy it's an unfortunate surprise to write this weeks blog about rain, and a lot of rain at that!
At the end of July I was in Rome again to photograph a surprise proposal for an English couple, David and Hollie. We were on a tight schedule for this one as David and Hollie were flying in that afternoon and we were aiming to photograph the proposal in the gardens of the Villa Borghese before we lost the light that evening.
All day it had rained and as the afternoon wore on it got wetter and darker but a little miracle came in the form of a break in the clouds, perfectly timed for when the couple arrived.

Once they arrived at the lake David took a few moments before putting on Hollie's favorite song and dropping to one knee to present her with the ring.

Of course she said yes and with the light just about holding out we got the moment captured on camera.

For now the weather was the least of the couples concern as they had a toast and we took a few warm up pictures.

But then the rain returned, a quick walk turned into a dash as we made for cover under a vendors shelter in the gardens.

With optimism we decided the rain would pass and David and Hollie made the most of the momentary break to call their families with the news.

But it wasn't to be as the rain turned to torrents with thunder and lightening we decided the bigger priority was now to get off the hill in one piece! We made a run for it to Piazza Del Popolo and took shelter under the Northern gate. It was here we managed this one last picture just before the gate flooded and our only escape was down into the Metro.

 Although a literal washout out it was a memorable evening and we did manage to capture the whole story on camera. And being the gracious clients that they were, the three of us finished the evening in a nice dry bar with a bottle of Prosecco.

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