Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's not all Rome and Abruzzo yet!

This has been a busy summer with me working in the UK and Italy this year. Apart from the enjoyment of shooting in two different countries its also interesting and challenging working in quite different light and climates. Now that I am doing the last of my UK weddings it makes it even more interesting to see the contrasts.

Working on an engagement shoot or wedding in Rome is quite different to a country wedding in England.
One of my favorites this year was Dani and Darren's wedding in Worcestershire.

Unlike the quite often very consistent weather in Rome or Abruzzo, this day was typically English, a bit of rain, a lot of cloud, and just when you've given up, the sun pops out and you can step up a gear and get those outside shots in the bag!

But whether its Abruzzo, Rome or Worcestershire, some shots will always be my favorites. I love this one of Dani coming down the stairs, ready to enter the ceremony.

And whether it's Italy or England, the emotions are always the same. This is also one of my favorites of the day, a moment of reflection after the ceremony as Dani and Darren begin married life together.

And for the future, it's pretty much all Italy, I will still be back in the UK for the odd special assignment but from here on in it's Rome, Abruzzo, Venice, rather than England!

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