Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Italian Proposal, engaged in Rome!

Sometimes I have to say shooting proposals is my favorite assignment. Typically this one at the Villa Borghese in Rome sums up why.

It's because you are photographing a moment in peoples lives that means so much to them. And unlike a wedding its a very different experience for proposer and the proposee!
This short run of images tells such a story to those involved. In the image above you see 'the moment'. That moment that has taken so much planning, and secrecy! For the proposer, all those plans have come together, the moment is here and now is the time when he will find out if she will say 'yes'!
But apart from 'that photograph' which encapsulates the whole occasion, the other photographs say so much too for the couple. Below are a few pictures that to any passer by may have just been a romantic couple enjoying Rome but to Davey and Fiona they will be a reminder of a whirlwind five minutes!

Such as the picture below when Davey decided to go for it!

 Or when Davey passed the point of no return when he dropped to one knee!

 And once she said yes, the relieved and happy hug!

 And now a time to take it all in and admire the ring.

 And finally smiles all round for a job well done!

  Once I've made my appearance it's time for a well deserved drink and celebration!

 And in the space of just a few minutes its all done, and now it's time to plan the wedding (not before we go off to enjoy a photo shoot around Rome of course!)

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