Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rome in the Rain!

Can you still photograph in the rain? Well just about! A recent portrait tour of Rome was hit by the beginnings of the recent extreme weather we have been having in Italy. This was the day that Rome had it's first significant snowfall in many years.

So what can you do? Well cover is what you need, whether under a tree, an umbrella or a building. The Pantheon for example gives you a great big space to shelter under!

 And the rain doesn't have to be a negative, an umbrella makes a great prop if you have a fun couple to work with!

 And of course the rain keeps away many of the tourists so you get some virtually empty piazza's all to yourself!

For some shots you just have to brave it.

 But even in the open spaces around the Colosseum there are plenty of trees that can give you some great shelter.

And anyway Rome is all about water, whether it's the Trevi or one of the other many fountains that are scattered around the city.

But ultimately it takes great models to be able to make the most out of working in the rain.

 And these two were like pro's, stepping out into the rain when everybody else was running for cover!

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