Sunday, January 1, 2012

Portrait Tours of Rome

Proving ever more popular is the walking portrait tour of Rome. Whether it's for couples or groups celebrating a special occasion or whether you just want the ultimate holiday photographs it's a great way to spend some time in Rome.
These pictures were taken of a great couple that wanted something to remember their engagement, they got engaged at the Trevi fountain the night before.
The best thing about these portrait tours is they can be tailored to any location and can be as varied as you like.
This one is a perfect example. The couple wanted to take in some of the well known sites of Rome and find some quiet streets to do some more candid pictures. The plan we put together worked very well.
We started in the Piazza Del Popolo, an iconic place to start as this was historically the Northern entrance to Rome, usually the way travelling pilgrims would enter the city.
From there we wound our way up the steps to the view point above the Piazza where we got to enjoy one of the great views across Rome.
It was a gentle walk from here to reach the Spanish steps, 
and then onto the Trevi fountain.
Being quite a creative couple they had bought a couple of changes of clothes with them so at this point they changed into something more casual as we got off the beaten track.
It was a good point to have some fun trying some different poses.
We caught some beautiful light here as the sun began to set and then after another change we were off to take in the Forum and finish at the Colosseum.
By the time we reached the Colosseum we were into the evening which added another look to the photographs.
The nice thing was the heat had died off a bit by this point!
So from just over three hours work we ended up with just over 200 images, spanning six locations and managed to catch some afternoon sun, the sun set and some evening shots. Some good work all round!

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